A Brief History Of Our Hotel

The hotel is the brainchild of Marcelo Vintimilla, a businessman from a prominent Cuenca family, who envisioned a luxury hotel and apartment complex back in the 1970s.

When deciding on where to build, the location he chose was at that time outside of the city, by the lagoon of Viskocil, a leafy idyll that he believed was the perfect place to inspire rest and relaxation.

The project proved more challenging than he expected and, in the early 1980s, the Swiss entrepreneurs based in Guayaquil who had founded the Oro Verde in that city were invited to take over the business. In 1983, the hotel re-opened under new Swiss management. A master chef from Switzerland was flown over to Cuenca to prepare the opening event for 500 guests.

Its setting was always appreciated by local Cuencanos and by visiting businessmen and foreigners, but it took a while for the city to grow and eventually make the area part of its everyday life. Over the last decades, the lagoon has disappeared, the hotel has been remodeled several times, and staff came and went – although a few members of the team can still recall the early days.

Today, the Oro Verde Cuenca is recognized both nationally and internationally as the finest option in the city for those seeking a stay that combines comfort and peace; facilities and cuisine; and service and warm Ecuadorian hospitality.